First Time Ever I Saw Her Face

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”

I am absolutely in love with my puppy.  She’s 13 now, not really a puppy, but at times she stills shows those peculiar behaviors that make me smile.  She’ll swipe her paw across the couch to be let outside.  Wooglin also only goes up one set of stairs and goes down the other set, never changing the pattern!  But if not for cruising the website of the animal shelter to browse their selection, I could have ended up going in a very different direction.

This prompt for today could have been about a number of things in the news, most of them cringe inducing from the way society treats its neighbors.  I keep thinking about this set of pictures on a website with a complete mix of intent, the audience is adolescent male.  So should you look at the rest of the site, be prepared for dumb food pictures with girls in bikinis!

Pet adoption is really hard.  How do you get people in the door?  This group went with a photo booth for their guests.  I say guests because I hope every single one of them finds a forever home.  Just like my Wooglin did!

When I went to the animal shelter it was about an hour drive from my house.  It was raining and I really wasn’t sure of where I was going.  This being a time before GPS in the car, a printout of Mapquest gave me directions.  A couple of acres in the woods, surrounded by pretty much nothing but farmland.  It was serene, a wonderful place for animals to run about and have a happy life.

I was in love just from the pictures.  A two years old Border Collie/ Husky mix.  Black with just a dot of white on her tail, some of the fur on her belly also this pure white.  About 70 pounds of absolute crazy as she was given a chance to run around the paths with me.  At the time her name was Tonya, but I already knew that was going to change.  Whitney was with me and laughing because she knew I was the sucker who couldn’t turn down that face.

Tonya, later Wooglin, stopped in front of my car as I spoke with the volunteer.  She offered a trial run, take her home and see how things went.  Sorry, but to me this isn’t a return policy type item.  Short of her biting me in my sleep, she was staying.  But I agreed, they handed me some dog food and as I open the trunk Wooglin jumped right in.  If I drove an SUV or station wagon this might not have been an issue.  But my Volvo sedan was not the right place to transport our new addition to the family!

She slower now, a bit of arthritis in her back hip.  The muzzle around her face more white from age and she doesn’t run down the street chasing cars for amusement.  But I love her.  I wish I could make Wooglin understand that I know why she waits most nights for someone else to come home, but eventually come back in confused.  But tomorrow is Easter and she will be getting a ham bone the size of my foot for dinner.  I’ll be eating something completely different!  Veggies!!!

I might not ever have met this lovely lady if not for someone taking the time to put her picture up on a website.  The creativity of the people with a Photo Booth for pets, seeing their amazing reactions to the world around them, it makes me want to run out and get another lunatic dog.  But for now, I think I’m going to think about that first drive home, my puppy bumping her head on the windows as we speed home.