How My Horoscope Almost Killed Me!

[Daily Prompt]

In Retrospect

As the Fall approaches more than just the leaves will wither and fall away.  Your heart will shrink and life will become harder.  The life you once knew will change forever, you will find yourself drowning in emotions you can’t control and others don’t understand.  Where you once found solace, you will now only find pain.

Last month was a roller coaster of emotions, this month you will experience that and physical trauma as well.  The promises made by your doctor are going to come to a head and require you removing yourself from society by the end of October so that you can fix yourself internally.  Beware shaking hands hold knives…

Reach out, let someone know you are low.  Hopefully they will be there to help.  If not, while no man is an island, he can be set adrift on a life-raft.

[I looked up my actual horoscope for October 1, 2014 and unsurprisingly this is what I found –

Technical, domestic and medical problems move to the front seat today. Issues of creative nature, love dramas and children’s upbringing troubles may also join them. Some circumstances may be of urgent nature for Pisces.

Given my daughter’s passing, the end of my relationship and now being told it’s surgery time, I might have to follow what these people write more closely!]