Click for Your Free Geek!


All these silly profiles.  Ones that have sat there waiting to be clicked on and others that I have no intention of every looking at again.  Sure there was some warning a few weeks ago about the hacking of MySpace accounts.  But I think it has been almost 5 years since I’ve even logged in, feel free to look at my weird music and handful of links!

It was with relief that I stopped looking at Facebook last year.  It’s not like I posted more than two or three times a year and mostly used it as a reminder that I missed someone’s birthday.  Who cares what I had for dinner or looking at my feet swinging in a chair with water in the background?  I go on vacation to get away from people, not to say “Wish you were here”!  That’s a Pink Floyd song about Sid.

I do haunt a music site where I get to here people write about new albums, old albums or just a song that they remember and how music today has lost some of that warmness.  Basically faceless people bitching about longing for their youth!

Yesterday I was longing for some talk that didn’t require me being in the room with anyone.  Sometimes the look of people when I cough or just get some weird pang of discomfort takes me out of the situation and forced me to focus on their concerns and not the conversation.

So I updated some of my profile.  I went weird and amusing.  Or at least that was my intention.  Talk about being a Red Sox fan without sounding like a jerk.  Poke fun at myself for hearing Justin Bieber sign without knowing who it was and enjoying the voice [the kid can sing, I’ll give him that much].  My monthly email to a chef in the area asking what I screwed up this time with the same cinnamon roll recipe over the last 5 years!

I hit save and walked away.  And was shocked to see how many people had clicked on the profile just from my tagline “Click here for your Free Geek!”

It had taken more than a few minutes to accept that line.  Not that I don’t agree, I find it funny.  True and funny.  Apparently a few others did as well.  Some who I had corresponded with even sent short words that told me how much they laughed at my update.

Some of them know about the cancer, it comes out when I talk about where I was listening to something.  [some people ask why you listen to something through headphones rather than decent speakers.  The easiest reply is the truth.]

For some time I had ignored this site because music was painful to listen to.  First it was the memories and then it was the ringing in my ears that has never subsided.  So I also get to ask people if what I hear is the same.  At times it is and other times the sounds are distorted, muffled.

Having just two people tell me I sounded better was enough to make me feel a bit better.  It all started with just wanting to be a little playful.  The way I used to be.  A simple sentence that makes someone laugh.  Some image copied and pasted.

Last night was my night to cook.  Nothing mindblowing, peppers stuffed with rice and beans.  I could sit on a stool and do what I needed before someone tossed it in the oven for me.  But my mood was light, stupidly silly in many ways.  The look on others faces also lightened as they began to realize this was the evening and not me prepping them for more bad news.

We were all craving what happened last night.  Fun, stories, a relaxed atmosphere where we could push aside the bad things.

Last night was a good night and it all started because I remembered a part of me that doesn’t come out to play very often or even for very long.

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