Continuous Cacophony

Saturday Night

We were all sitting in a circle on the floor.  Drinks in hand and blankets passed around to those who were a little cold from the typical Boston winter.  People had been teasing me for the last two hours about not really wanting to listen to the album and they wanted to watch The Kardashians!  A silly fluke in Amazon’s shipping schedule had allowed the package to show up a few days early and I was going to take advantage of it.

Others had been lucky.  Posting pictures of the cover just to harass those who weren’t as fortunate.  No one was mad, just jealous.  When the postmistress dropped off mine, I was able to switch sides and make my own good natured jokes.

When the album was announced, I wasn’t sure at the time I would ever hear it.  But I remember hitting the pre-order button anyway.

Kathy’s stereo is from the 1970’s.  There’s no home theater here, just a very nice couple of pieces that had only seen the addition of a CD player at some point during the 90’s!  I offered to buy some newer things for the basement, but she likes the feel of her old stuff.  She’s been in this house for 30 years, I’m not going even try to change her.

People had been warned.  Listening to two hours of continuous cacophony (that’s a good band name!) can be taxing on the ears.  The band was taking a new direction and had put out a concept album.  Full orchestra and choir to compliment the guitar solos and keyboard combinations.

I sat taking it all in.  While they must have thought I was concentrating on every note, riff, and break; I had closed my eyes to take in them as well.  They could just as easily could have been watching something, listening to something else; having slapped me on the back and walked away laughing about having other things to do.

“What did you think?” – the only thing asked of me…  tough question.

The music was wonderful.  My fingers trying to play along at points, my imagination recording certain movements for my piano at some later time.  The lyrics were much harder to listen to.

A couple of stanzas hit close to my own experiences.  Unlike most rock album, when this one is eventually performed people will be sitting in concert halls rather than some arena.  When they got to a point describing dealing with a loss my eyes welled up, this might have been a little too close to home.

My words starting shooting out like a small child trying to describe his favorite toy to a friend.  10 minutes passed without me taking a break, my breathing getting a little more rapid as the excitement of just talking about something that fun took over.

What I saw from them was just as important, smiles on their faces.  This was very different from talking about school or medical stuff.  Someone who didn’t know me would think it was manic, and maybe they might be right.  So rarely do I dive headfirst into a subject and just tell people how it makes me feel.  I can bore you to death with economics and physics, but I only feel pure joy about this stuff.

Wednesday evening was a good night.  I don’t see many of those.  Maybe because I’m not looking for them?  More importantly those smile, the light in their eyes because they saw something in me that I rarely let out to play, I love that.



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