Synergy of Really


Okay , I hate the overuse of both of those words.  “Really” has become the new “fuck”.  For someone who studies economics and businesses hearing the word “synergy” makes you want to utter either “Really” or “Fuck”.  When I hear “Synergy”, I tend to close my ears because whatever follows is going to be bullshit!  So to quote Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!”

Language for me is a simple subject.  Being forced to learn multiple languages for a variety of reasons, I try to be careful in the words that I pick.  Choice wisely or the person across the table from you might be offended and leave.  It was funny the first time I had dinner with the family I lived with in Holland years ago.  Dutch is not German, I wished I had listened when people told me that.  When Temporary Dad spits his food out and laughs so hard he’s crying, you might have picked the wrong phrase!  A theory tested later during that trip when someone wanted to try their English out on me. “Ever had sex with a cheeseburger with lots of melted cheese?”  I don’t even know what he meant, nothing about that phrase makes sense.

There are words that hopefully will be retired in the future.  Cancer should go back to being a sign on the Zodiac.  But that’s more of a dream than a current reality.

And for selfish reasons the name “Abigail” should be among the list of choices no longer available.  I’m content with my daughter being the last one.

Not being one of the cool kids in well, any level of education I have attended; words were passed down.  There’s something funny about a middle age white guy talking like a inner city youth.  My father heard the term “double-bagger” which is a reference to a person so ugly you have to place two bags over their head before having sex with them.  I’m still not sure if he truly understand what he heard!  But he uses it at the most odd times, so my brother and I just nudge each other and snicker.

So what the the point of this prompt?  Morph a word!  Ah, I don’t think I’ve done a good job of that.  Maybe just a few silly anecdotes about my family?  Okay, one more…

My nephew is like a sponge when it comes to words.  Most 7 year olds are like that.  If we get rid of obvious words like “Fart”, “Butt”, and “Lick my nose” (that last one I have no clue where it comes from!), his go to is “seriously”.

Sereiously is his Really, so hopefully that will change with time as well…  The Circle Complete?



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