Maybe a New Serial?

Ripped Into the Headline

Dimwitted Man Goes on Date, Doesn’t Know It!!!

A 43 year old man was recently spotted out at a local restaurant with an surprisingly age appropriate woman.  What people at surrounding tables are most talking about would be that he seemingly had no clue.  One customer stated that he overheard the conversation between the odd man and his companion and was shocked to hear someone tun down the offer of having their meal paid for by someone else as a gesture of kindness.  Another customer thought it was just a family outing since they were accompanied by teenagers who chose to sit at another table.

Our Editor contacted the manager who gave the name on the charge slip.  After some research, this reporter was able to track down the male and sit down to ask some questions.

Lary stated that he thought it was just the parent of another kid being nice.  That they offered to let him tag along since the evening’s plans were boring.  Dr. Lary had intended to just continue reading some material and hopefully get some rest before the house became clouded with noise later.

Further research noted that Lary has been dealing with a chronic form of Leukemia that has progressed to a stage were the doctor’s prognosis has been less than favorable.  This in some small way might account for his complete and total ignorance of this past Saturday’s activities.  It seems he believed that since hope was lost he has lost his way in some respects.

Reached by phone, the female in question (who asked her name be withheld since she didn’t want publicity) was shocked at the general outcome.

“How often do you go out to dinner where someone wishes to pay for everyone else and not accept even a portion of the check?  And don’t get me started about how he cringed when I went to give him a hug!  He’s a nice guy and all, I just wish acted differently.”

All further questions were stopped and a gentle reference to asking the kids was offered.

“My Uncle doesn’t understand people very well.  People do nice things, he just doesn’t see them the same way.  Life has been difficult for him and he shuts out people so he doesn’t get hurt.  I think he’s just like the boys in my classes, stupid and goofy at times!”

When asked if she would go out with him again, the female stated that she would have to think  about it.  While the conversation was pleasant and even at times fun, that hug stood out in her mind.

“I think Lary needs to learn that if you lock yourself in a room, you eventually only see the darkness in every corner and not the light shining through the windows.  The way he is with my daughter, getting her to even talk to her own father; I just wanted to repay that.  Divorce is hard, people say the wrong things, he got her to understand that.  His niece talks all the time about how she wants him to get out, meet people.  Give the world a chance.  Maybe I’m trying to be a tour guide.”

So to anyone who witnessed the interaction Saturday night at Paddy’s Pub in Newton, MA we’d love to hear from who.  Does this end up with a second meal?  Hopefully the readers will keep us informed.

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