Sore Feet

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The magic number that some person in the running show industry has come up with is 300.  That the number of miles they “suggest” you replace your shoes at.  In a quick look at the math, I was running 7-8 miles a day, everyday!  49 on the low end, 64 on the high.  New shoes every month according to someone whose name I never heard.  I was replacing my shoes when the inserts were completely flat.

I’m not a fan of paying huge sums for these things.  Last year’s model works just the same and for half the price most times.  Some young lady at the sporting goods store told me the rubber ages like car tires and you need to be careful.  Sure I’m a little more careful with the car, but my feet mean something to me as well.  I still bought the older model.  No explosions on the street as I did laps later.

We look at lots of things as just disposable.  Most times it costs more than some objects to fix them so into the pit at the dump they go.  I have a tube amplifier from the 1970’s that has outlasted it’s modern counterpart.  I even think it sounds better, but technology limits its use.  No “modern” inputs for Bluray or anything digital.

Lately, in facing some emotions that go with preparing for a more complicated and shortened future, I’m curious about how others feel about life.  I place a very high value on certain relationships while others might see them as completely disposable.  For me the irony becomes who is right?

My nephew is too young to really understand when he talks about some person being his best friend and later talking about another person holding the same place in his life.  Part of me hopes that it is all true, but their kids and haven’t needed to learn what that truly means.

Tomorrow is what we ironically call “Daughter Day”.  The anniversary of learning the sex of my child.  There will be a cupcake or three and a few stories rambling out of my mouth, but that’s it.  My concern with not being around to celebrate the actual date months from now.  Or the true irony of not knowing when that day arrives.

My feet used to be sore from all the running, my knees too!  Now they are just tired of the running.  I don’t think life is disposable, not anyone’s.  I’m just wondering if others feel the same?



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