Building Character

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Economics, Science, followed by a book just for the fun of it.  I try to stay within that pattern so that I don’t find myself trying to collect books on a single topic and binge read them like I might some show.  The first two are easy to understand why, I’m an economist who started out as a physics major in college.  But the last topic is harder to explain.

Every single book that I have ever enjoyed has had a character I could relate to on some level.  I just finished a book called “The Survivor” which is a thriller.  The main character is damaged in a way that few people understand.  His wife and daughter were lost in an act of horrific violence that haunts and drives his actions moving forward.  He was a tough man before, and only in this story [which happens to be the 13th in a series] does he acknowledge the damage he has done to himself while trying to put things right.  I can relate to this man.

There are other authors who pull on material that make me not wish to put down the pages.  But we all look for some situation that touches on a bit of humanity, or at least something we can relate to or wish for in our own lives.

I’ve spent hours writing about my daughter.  Creating for her a world that stopped a while ago, but allows me to deal with my grief in a manner that is in this one instance, healthy.  Building someone whose future has endless options, trying to understand if she would have even liked certain things as the years progressed.  She has become my favorite character.

Abigail can be a crime fighter or President.  Soccer player or dedicate her life to raising a family of her own.  I can always go back and change some aspect of her future since I can’t change her past.  These stories have become a “choose your own adventure” where I can jump entire pages or chapters by making even the smallest of choices.  My relationship doesn’t have to ever end.  There are always new stories to write.

It’s the same relationship I have built with the fictional Mitch Rapp in this series of books.  Trying to relate to his actions, his pain, his motivation for moving forward.  The author picked someone who has aged along with me, drawing on experiences from real life that occurred at the same timeline as my own.  World events interwoven with the fantasy of a guy who at times leaps off the page for me.

I love classic literature, the themes of love and loss, revenge and redemption.  My aunt gave me all of the “classics” when I was young.  But my favorite character is still my daughter.


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