Final Eviction Notice Served!!!

Yesterday I signed the paperwork that will start the process of evicting the roommate.  We, and by we I mean my advisors, told me that there wasn’t any more time to waste hoping that he would get the hint.  The blasting of waves into my surroundings hadn’t sent the proper message, and only by cutting to the chase were we going to get anywhere.  So Mr. Acoustic Neuroma come Friday morning you and your possessions will be leaving the building hopefully to never be seen from or hear of again!

Where is he now?  Take two fingers and place them at the base of your right ear, now you know.  And as the television says, knowing is half the battle.  The other half being doing something about it!  Where will he go?  Cold storage and then out into the wilderness that is the pathology lab at Mass. General.  Boston University doesn’t have the tools required, so we changed venue for the fun stuff.

It will be interesting when he has left.  The ringing might be replaced with nothing.  And by nothing I’m talking about the absence of sound.  So while we wait for that result to hopefully not occur, Friday was picked so I could do something completely selfish, watch a football game with my family while we sit around hoping A.N. doesn’t try to hide in a closet once he realizes what is going on.  I’m a Patriots fan, you can feel free to hold that against me.  We’re not talking about cheating scandals or deflated footballs!  Read the reports for yourself…

It’ll be the first time I’ve watched a game with my niece.  She’s not going to school Friday because well, she’s not going to concentrate so why go?  Missing a single day doesn’t matter, how much Algebra can one learn in 30 minutes?  My parents are coming up Saturday because they have an obligation that we agree needs to be met.  Sitting in a room doesn’t change that.  But I’m really looking forward to watching Susie enjoy herself for a few hours.  She’s a bright kid, and this is tough on her.

There’s also this little bit of me that is going to listen to some music.  I’ve avoided it for a long time now, but this is a reason to reverse course.  I want to hear those songs that make me smile and the ones that don’t.  Just in case.  There’s a Polish composer named Michał Mierzejewski who rewrote some music that I’ve been meaning to listen to.  And I certainly know “Along for the Ride” by Dream Theater is a must for reasons I’ve written extensively about {daughter issues!}.  And I might be the only person who is hoping for a severe thunderstorm to roll through just to hear that once again.

So there are things to do today.  Some paperwork for the office to wrap up before we get started on our extended weekend adventure.  A couple of lectures provided by Dan Ariely over at Duke University on Irrational Thought that I’m hoping my brain absorbs during the sleepy time!

In the end, I just want to be able to walk a straight line without looking or feeling like someone who partied a little too hard last night!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”


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