Sometimes Words Just Don’t Work

There are so many proverbs out there that I have been told over the past couple of years that I started to tune them out to a vast degree.  God’s Plan?  Home is where the heart is?  Good things come to those who wait?  All things I have listened to and maybe even at some point in my life believed to some degree.  But at this moment, this point I have reached in my life, those phrases sound like things people say when they don’t know what else to say.  Hiding behind something that comforts them in a tough situation, but possibly not the person they are speaking to.

I’d rather hear someone just be honest and say, “Hey Lary, I have absolutely no clue what to say.  This is so far outside anything I know!”  That would impress me.  It might even get me to listen further to what they have to say, what their thoughts might be.

Words at certain times in life are meant to comfort, to offer some way to let another person know that the world isn’t going to spin off it’s axis.  That maybe tomorrow, the sun will look a little better than it does today.  There hard emotions to convey.  Even harder for people who are experiencing some type of pain to accept.  I appreciate when someone offers their hand, tries in some small way to say that the world is a tough place but there are people who can and will help.

There are blogs on this very site that are of great comfort in the ideas they express and the hopeful message they contain.  People who try their hardest to share life experience and let people like me know that there will come a time when things might be easier, better, a brighter sun shining through the windowsill.

While my mom was visiting things were tough.  We had to deal with some topics that are just plain uncomfortable, even when you are planning for them.  Conversations about life that you try to avoid, situations that you fear coming true.  I don’t like knowing she was upset when she went to sleep both nights.  I know she didn’t want to go back, but she knew that I had some plan in place and she needed to be part of it, not fight it.  Her world was a little less sun filled by Sunday, just 48 hours since hitting the ground.

Those words of comfort, I tried.  But it’s hard when you know what a world of experts tell you is right.  Hopefully things work out, but if they don’t, I know I did my best.  [or at least what I think is best for everyone!]

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Doubters Alert.”


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