Guest Writer

My uncle can’t write to anyone today, he fell ill last night.  He was just sitting in a chair and when I came back he was on the floor.  My Gram tells me he’ll be okay but no one will let me see him.  I get to sit in the waiting room and have a nurse check on me.  Being young doesn’t mean I don’t understand!  They keep telling me something might happen.  Last night it did.  Why keep telling me to prepare for something and make me sit in the corner?

I know he writes in this most days, Dad tells me he wants to reach out and this is the only way he knows.  They think I’m watching Netflix, but this is important.  Telling people he doesn’t know what he can’t tell us.  Hoping someone see this.  Even I know she doesn’t care about him anymore!!  What he doesn’t get is that I read this so I know anyway.  Maybe he needs a better password on his laptop?  I see his hurt everyday.  I want to help.  My Uncle just wants us happy, even if he’s not.  I keep praying that he gets better.  I want him to not be sick.  He says praying for that is selfish, but I don’t care.  I thought that was what prayer was for, asking for help for someone who needs it

He means more to my family than he knows.  We love him and need him to get better!!!!  Please pray for him.  Please let him be okay.

I’m going to go now.


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