Baking Class

I don’t need to worry about tomorrow’s plan’s because today is the day I am taking some time out to celebrate. Work has been put on hold, their messages will go directly to a waiting area. The family hasn’t asked why today is important to me, they seem to just want to help me plan something special to do with my day. We have so few opportunities to just act like children, play hookie, that we’re going to seize on it for as long as possible.

The big ticket item is a baking class that we arranged with a local purveyor of fattening, high calorie, only good for you in small quantities sugary goodies. I’ve spent several years trying to perfect her recipe for cinnamon rolls and today she has agreed, for a small fee, to teach me the trick I obviously feel I am missing in their construction. My niece is going with me, a birthday present from her and her father that I can finally take advantage of.

I’ve been saving my strength for today. Nothing is going to stop me from doing these fews things. Bar being arrested for something obnoxious, we’re going to party like we have no cares in the world, at least for 24 hours! We’ve planned around the medications and the doctor was more than willing to change an appointment so we could do these things.

It’s amazing that no one is asking why? They just want to help, or maybe they also need an emotional break from the harshness of the world and the realities it sometimes forces on us. If they want to join, I’m good with that!

Today is also a big day in the Greater Boston Area, the annual Jimmy Fund Radiothon. Yeah it’s a cancer thing, but they do important work and every dime they get helps people. So we are also taking the “T” down to Fenway and handing over a rather large jar of coins Suzie has collected. Her need for a new iPhone seems to have changed, we’ll see if someone else picks up the slack for her later? 🙂

Dinner is going to be simple. We’ve all agreed to toss our electronics in a drawer and eat dinner at an actual table, together. It’s important to me and to them I hope. No one has told me what the food selection is going to be, only that I need to make some bread to go along with it. Easier than they think, but what type shall be interesting given I don’t know the menu.

See for me this is about normalcy and family. I’ll talk to my mother at some point during all of this amusement, might even try to call my little brother and see how his new place is working out. Grand plans don’t matter to me, they never have. For me it has always been about something simple that lets me know that I matter in the scheme of things. Last year I felt like nothing I did mattered, and it radiated into everything I did, everything I felt. I can get back to the worried and sick guy tomorrow, he’s there anyway whether I acknowledge him or not is the ultimate question.

This week has been about trying to reach out to people and let them know they matter. People I know and people I only see across the hallway. If you knew me in real life, you would understand that it is completely the opposite of how most people see me. The tough guy is there underneath it all, but how about for a few days we let out the guy who just wants to be nice for a short period of time?!!!

n response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”


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