Some Other Day…

I don’t feel like writing about the weather or what the squirrels are doing to the birdfeeder, I had prepared myself for the second half of yesterday’s prompt and wrote that instead.  I didn’t write to my younger self, it’s like creating a roadmap of things you want to warn yourself about, but wonder whether Einstein might have been correct and it would alter space/time.  The Butterfly Effect?  Just because I didn’t cross the street that day shouldn’t alter the course of your life!

So without any more delay, on with the show…

There was snow all over the ground that morning. Not enough to stop anyone from leaving their homes, but enough to cover everything. I don’t know if the news would have called it partly cloudy or partly sunny, something about percentages that rarely made sense. You just didn’t wake up that morning.

So now you can answer some of those stupid questions you’ve got rolling around your head. Is your hair going to be grey and curly or is it still going to be a shiny reflection from lights bouncing off your dome? Was there a crowd there to meet you? Was there anyone at all to guide you through to the next step? And the question that means more to you than anything else, how long will that little girl let you hug her before she pulls away?

The joke had always been that you thought you’d would end up in Hell. That was were all the fun, subversive people would be telling their off-color jokes and sipping $80 a glass Scotch! Maybe you should have rethought that, those lost two years of your life were a living hell with moments of joy thrown in to break up the monotony of it all. The Universe is vast and let’s be honest, if you want to see some of the people from your past again they aren’t going to the warmer theory!

It took some time before people were comfortable with accepting you having left them money to use for finishing their various levels of education. After your mom convinced them it was okay, the house was sold and split up among those people. For the most part they are happy. A few even smuggled some of your ashes into Fenway Park and dumped you over the Green Monster when they thought no one was looking. Dad paid the fine after he stopped laughing!

I realize you have questions about how people reacted, but I don’t know. You’d left months before to get help that some people just felt whatever it was they felt and life went on for them. The nephew understood but is still tried to find someone to crawl through the woods with him.

Mom obsessed about the dog a little more since she had to take care of her full-time. Wooglin was the most babied 13 year old Border Collie anyone knows. Dad looked at the stamps he collected over the years that had baseball themes on them, but remained quiet about it all.

I promise that everyone will be okay in time, and yes even her. Life moved forward long ago in her world.

The niece is married and has a little girl of her own. She takes her to the park and they sit on the swings and talk.

Hopefully we found some peace and you got a chance to do that thing you always talk about, dancing around the room with that little girl of yours/ours! That is a great goal. Let’s hope the universe thinks so too…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Through the Window.”


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