The Brain!!!!

“Angry Mouse. Lary has an angry mouse on his ankle!”

This was how a little girl saw my tattoo, mostly because she had no idea that it was a cartoon character from when I was in college. All of the standard Looney Toons had been taken by a friend’s father who would get a new one for the end of each of his marriages. Eight in total, at least the last I knew, and that was several years ago. He might have needed to move on to Disney?

I absolutely love the cartoon Pinky and the Brain. It’s one of those Steven Spielberg productions that’s absolutely subversive about politics, modern culture (early 90’s style), just about anything you could make fun of, they attempted. The catch phrase “What are we going to do tonight? Well, Pinky the same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world!” You have to picture it being said by a Orsen Wells looking mouse with the same voice, absolutely brilliant! That captures everything about this cartoon.

1376660513_h31qhHieSgG03BEeo6Pq_Pinky 1

I printed down a picture culled from the Internet and proudly brought it with me. They scan it and transfer it to a piece of paper that would adhere to my ankle. The only thing I was curious about was the level of discomfort I might feel. I have seriously bony ankles and others had told me it was going to hurt. If you have ever been awake for any type of surgery, you have felt more pain than I did that day. And we are talking about a needle repeatedly driving directly into bone.

$60 and 30 minutes later I left with instructions to keep the bandage on for 24 hours, not to wash it with alcohol for that same period of time and hopefully return to do the other ankle with Pinky! (hasn’t happned, YET! We’ll get there.)

My mother laughed, my father shook his head, but both remembered my brother has both biceps covered in designs (which to this day they have not ?!) The next day at work, everyone was curious what I had gotten. Originally I had crowd sourced ideas just to see what others thought best captured me. I had even led them to believe I was going with the symbol of a band. The Ex was surprised by it all since she thought I was just screwing with the staff and would never do such a thing. It was her 2 year old niece who called it “Angry mouse!”

Over 4th of July one of the people at the picnic I attended was so happy to see that mouse on my ankle. We’re about the same age and she recalled watching it on days after classes during college. A nice ice breaker and it made me glad I hadn’t put on a pair of socks. It would have stopped what was a great trip down memory lane.

At some point I want to get Pinky to go on the opposite side. The Brain was easy, all that work in Grad School and people were always teasing me about wanting to rule the Universe. Most people over the years have agreed it was the right choice. Pinky needs to be when I hit another milestone of that magnitude. Maybe if I beat the Cancer? And that’s a big if! I have thought about a ladybug for my daugher, it was always about hugging the bug morning, noon, and night. But I prefer keeping her in my heart, not on my skin!

So that’s my tattoo, a silly, angry looking mouse with the voice of Orsen Wells.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”


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