Might Come Full Circle?

These planes used to whisk my father off to some new location every few weeks.  I’d sit there with my mother and brother either waving goodbye or sitting there waving hello each time he walked down the stairway.  This was during a time when you could still walk people right up to the gate and stare in amazement at the wonder of flight.  These sleek private planes would take him places I didn’t know how to spell and would learn on a globe when I got home.  For years I had no idea what he did, just he traveled in style.

Now I know, he’s a technical wizard and at a time when computer were still the size of garages, he was the guy who went and told people what they needed to buy and how the should utilize their purchases.  My dad holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering, not to slight my mother because she stopped her dissertation when I was born!  As I grew up I knew I didn’t want to be an engineer.  But I loved numbers, the science of things and how they worked.

I studied to take the LSATs, but never applied to law school.  [some day I knew I would have to challenge my own past when asked if my daughter could stay out late knowing I went to a Paul McCartney concert an hour from my house the night before the exam!]  My plan changed along the way, economics was my path.  but as a child I wanted to be a lawyer.  Cop shows, L.A. Law, Law and Order came along as I finished high school, all things that made the world of being a lawyer glamorous without talking about the grind that people had to put in.  Even in college, I thought patent law was going to be the way to riches and early retirement.

But there are too many lawyers!  Way too many lawyers!  Shakespeare was somewhat right about wanting to kill them all, but then you get sued, spend time with people you rather not associate; all for a job opportunity?

These days I work with a few lawyers, have a few that are in the family, and rather like one or two of them.  I don’t know if because we have so many rules, regulations, laws and theories on how things should proceed but they don’t seem to have mastered all there is about their profession.  Game Theory is still such a new field, only having come about in the 1920’s in some formal fashion, that I don’t have much in the way of leverage with them.  One of them is a patent lawyer and she hasn’t left her office for anything other then another meeting since taking the job.  No courtroom, no papers being thrust across the table, just files being moved about and phone calls being returned.  She likes the details, but wishes every now and then for someone to upset the apple cart.

My father is nearing retirement, he tells everyone he’s having too much fun right now to give it up.  But he has been sneaking teaching a class or two at a local college such to be prepared for the day when he isn’t driving to an office every morning.  I’m proud of the reputation he has created for himself within his field, it’s nice to know others are glad to associate with him.  I just find it funny that during the time I was teaching he would make fun of me for the easy hours.  [He was never on the receiving end of a phone call from some irate parent of a college kid wondering why I failed their pride and joy.  Maybe if you went to class?  Just a hint!]

I’ve built up a good reputation within my company.  I try to work hard and with the current personal situation they have been more than understanding about my needing to reduce the hours I spend working.  Telecommuting for Boston, with my office in Maryland, for a company in Georgia has it’s logistical nightmares.  And that in a nutshell is why I work hard for them, they have worked hard to make sure I can continue to do my job to the best of my abilities.

Is it where I want to be?  Maybe.  I turned down a chance to teach a few years back because the ex didn’t want to move.  Actually I even gave up a promotion with this company for the same reasons!  But right now I’m happy just to know that they need me to be around, it helps with other things.  So I guess I’m where I am needed and want to be, I’m lucky.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Futures Past.”

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