Sunrise at Rivere

I had a plan.  It was easy, just grab the car keys from the drawer and sneak out before the sun had come up.  I wasn’t going to take much with me, a few bucks to buy a drink, my phone in case someone got worried, and my tablet so I could read or just look at some pictures in silence.  The endpoint was Rivere Beach, which is just north of Boston.  If you’ve ever flown into or out of Logan you most likely have gone right over it and thought, “Wait, there’s a beach in Boston?”  It’s a nice little stretch, a little more rocky than a perfect subtropical locale, but fun.

Watching the sun come up was my only goal.  The day was young, I wasn’t really sleeping and all you need is a blanket to sit on and the patience to drive from Newton.  There are Dunkin’ Donuts every few blocks, reasonable if you like their stuff; fortunately I was only looking for a hot cup of tea!  Cup in hand, I sat there on my blanket and just stared as the sun came up.  It was breezy, low 50’s and I was alone with my thoughts.

Bringing a notebook would have been a better idea than the tablet, but I sat down and just cranked out something I’m supposed to do for my therapist.  Keeping a journal of some of my earliest thoughts in the day, of course an hour later isn’t quite what she has in mind.  I ended up writing a letter to my nephew.  He’s six and had just had his first “date”.  The little girl next door had come to dinner for the first time.  They shared a meal of pasta and celery coated in peanut butter, the picture I was sent was adorable.

It was a simple letter talking about the first time I every took a girl to dinner.  End of 8th grade at some local pub whose name I can’t even remember.  My father having slipped me his credit card to pay.  The advantages of being over 6 feet tall at that point had some of the people around us asking questions about how college was going until they found out I was only 14!  They were embarrassed, I was loving it.  The older couple making it much easier to handle the pressure of that situation.  Two burgers, fries and drinks later it was just the two of us sitting at the window booth talking.

I needed to take the trip, even for a few hours before the week began.  Right now I’m hooked up to a lovely machine that is pumping Gemcitabine into my arm.  Having dispensed with the chest port, this is my new annoyance.  Itchy hand syndrome!  There are a copy of other people sitting around looking at iPads or reading a book.  But this would be where this morning I am writing from.  Boston University to be exact, still finding the humor in my having graduated from this place.

But that sunrise yesterday was amazing.  Not anything special, there wasn’t some celestial event that made me go, I just wanted to sit on the wall wrapped in my blanket and watch the sun rise as my tea cooled down.  We get lots of sunrises in our lives, I’ve seen plenty come over the horizon of the Atlantic, seen them set in the Pacific.  It’ll be a while before I can do that again, but damn those colors were great!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger in a Strange Land.”

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