It’s Obvious What I Picked!

I look around the room and wonder what one thing can I do that might help every single person sitting in a chair.  Some are so frail that they need to be helped from their wheelchairs into the recliners while others hop up and pray that this is going to be the last time they need to visit this area.  There are a lot of things that I can think of that could easily be wiped off the planet with a single pill, but it may even be selfish of me to find a cure of the Cancer that is eating away at this collective gathering of all ages.

Years ago I knew someone who unfortunately was in a serious car accident.  Sometimes airbags can be as deadly as the crash itself.  But the first line of the article written about her was “She wanted to find a cure for cancer.”  20 years old and in college and the thing that she was working on, the notion that someone wanted to get across to anyone reading was that she was trying to save me.  I was 22 at the time, she had decided she was going to dedicate her entire life to trying to help me.  Maybe she would have found something then that would have stopped the re-occurrence today, maybe she would have found a cure for something else along the way.  Having helped others while trying to help me.  It’s a powerful legacy to acknowledge.

Cancer is a big umbrella for a lot of different things.  It could be annoying skin tabs that you can go your entire life with and not have a single issue.  They just freeze it off while you sit in the doctor’s office and home you go with a small bandage.  There are those people who have a single episode of some “pre-cancerous growth” and again they go through a single round of treatment and are fine.  But then you have those chronic portions where they pop up every now and then, hoping that this will be the last time.  Waiting to hear the word “benign”, but instead feeling the blood drain from your head as you hear “malignant” and “metastasize”.  The ringing in your ears so persistent that you start to ask yourself all sorts of crazy questions.

I would love a magic wand I could wave over this crowded room, this way too crowded room.  That doesn’t account for those who are home taking medication, those in other rooms having other treatments inflicted upon them, or even those who have stopped for some reasons others barely accept.  It feels self-serving to even consider that my life in any way is more important than that of someone who is suffering from dementia, heart disease, or any other ailment you can pull off the Internet.  Whose to say that by curing the 15 year old with the asthma, she won’t tun around find a cure for something else.  A huge dividend in the “Pay It Forward” movement.

Every day there is a new discovery made by someone who is feverishly working towards an end result.  Trying to find the answer to what makes us tick, how to rebuild the human body.  Hundreds of failures in the lab, but yet they get up each day searching for a different answer.  Thanks to them for all their work!

My pill would cure cancer.  Eradicate it from the face of the planet, in all it’s forms.  A single pill that you give a child that ensures a lifetime spent not worrying about this stupid disease!  I’d gladly give every dime, nickel, penny to make that happen for the next generation!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

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