Watch, No I mean Wrist Watch…

Almost a decade ago this store was closing down and it meant getting a few bargains in the remainders of odds and ends in the place.  We’d gone three of four times to look at things we normally wouldn’t have bought just because they were more than I was comfortable paying.  This coming from a guy who regularly had paid $80 in 1989 for a pair of pants.  That works out to around $150 in 2015 inflation adjusted money!  So I should thank my parents at this point for indulging their 17 year old son with their credit card.

But there was this watch that I kept watching decrease in price over time.  It wasn’t hugely expensive to begin with, but I knew someone was looking for a birthday present for me.  So I kind of did the leading the horse to water and pointed at it then left to walk other parts of the store.  Obviously at some point Whitney went back and bought it.  A great metal bracelet holding a blue watch face with all of those silly inner dials to tell you day, and other breakdowns of time intervals.  Little buttons on the side to make a series of adjustments throughout it’s life cycle.

I had a Railway Man’s ;pocket watch that had been a gift from my father.  A generational type thing passed down to him by his grandfather.  It rarely see the light of day because I fear losing it at some point.  Invite me to a wedding and you’ll get a chance to see it.  There was also this watch I bought in haste on the way to a reunion.  Just walked into my local Macy’s, said this is what I can afford, show me what you got!  It now sits silent in the same drawer, me just not caring about a new battery.

You can find me wearing all sorts of different clothes based on the situation.  At work I’m one guy, out on the town another, and then there is the guy who likes to lounge in gym rat wear just because it so damn comfortable.   Tall and skinny is hard to buy for at times.  Lately I’ve been a fan of the robe I wear around the hospital, but even that is starting to get boring.

They tell you shoes are looked at by people.  Go ahead stare at my feet nutjob!  Sneakers, sandals, too many pairs of Floorsheim dress shoes to care, the L.L. Bean slippers that I constantly have on around the house.  Buying shoes is tiresome, rarely can I find size 14’s that someone actually has in stock!  I buy three pair of the same running shoes just to not have to buy shoes.

But this watch goes with everything.  Or at least in my mind it does.  I’ll wear it with everything, including right now while I’m in a hospital gown waiting for a stupid exam.  It almost never leaves me wrist.  Someone commenting recently that it was just a simple Fossil Watch.  But they had no idea what it meant to me.  Sure it’s not a Rolex, Omega, or Tag Heuer; but it has a more important story behind it than me saying “Hey I spent my quarterly bonus on this silly watch!”

My mother knows my ex gave it to me.  And one day recently I was not wearing it which caused her to ask a simple question about it’s location.  I was several hundreds miles away from my house so she wondered if I had just left it behind.  I reached into my pocket and told her that I just took it off because my wrist was a little sore.  My mom knows the value I place on it, I guess she wanted to know if she needed to run to the store for a new battery.

Funny thing about clothes and memories, they both get worn with time.  The fabric becomes softer, the colors fade and eventually everything finds it’s place in your life.  The tattered green shirt hanging in my closet from 1985 that I wear when I’m just feeling melancholy to the Red Sox shirt that Whitney left behind all hold a place.  This watch is just like that, it was such a thoughtful gift, even if prompted in a manner, that I will never stop wearing it.  A sappy guy unfortunately silly head over heals for the girl, time marching by on my wrist reminding me of her.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.”


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