Whole World in My Hand…

It must have been some joke played when they nominated me that evening.  Lary has no problem standing in a room and telling people that they need to share information, maybe he can convince some regime that we already know their secrets just let it out.  I figure the conversation ended with a round of laughter and maybe a few too many drinks.  But I also think they must have been drinking in order to nominate me in the first place.

I’m Pro-Choice, at least I believe I am.  Having never faced that decision in life, I would like to believe that I am.  And please don’t get me started on same-sex couples having the equal protections that every other “traditional marriage” enjoys.  People can play word games with what they call it, but learn some history before you start playing the religion card.  Marriage, even in this country, was entered into in an unequal state for decades.  Arranged Marriage being just one of them.  Love who you love, pretty damn simple.

I’ve never served a day in the military, that precludes me in the minds of many people.  It shouldn’t, but it does.  But people need to remember that most of my generation didn’t serve.  But that’s about knowing the right people to ask for help when you need to make a decision.  Surrounding yourself with people who know better than you.  And politicians don’t like to admit that in the least.

The world is about information.  Who created the information, how we share that information, and just as importantly how we guard that information from people who might use it for some negative reasons.  The entire world can be educated in how to refine nuclear materials, but we only allow certain countries to do so for political reasons.  See education is still considered to be a commodity that we place a dollar amount on.  The internet has changed that forever.

Free flowing information led to uprisings in the Middle East.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, a million other services shared in real time people making provocative changes.  Come out now and stand in the square, let your voice be heard.  We will not be silenced.  The world is full of imperfect information where one side thinks it is sharing everything but then someone find something new.  “I have nothing to hide”, only then your mother-in-law finds some thing from 20 years ago that she didn’t know and uses it like a weapon.  You had told your wife long ago, just not her.  Now she goes looking for something more, her hurt feelings about not being included clouding things.  [okay, maybe a little to narrow an example.  But true none the less!]

Knowledge is power and as the next generation sits down to communicate ideas, they are going to be using methods that were only sci-fi when I was growing up.  I went to college with a computer that had 40 Megabytes of storage on it’s harddrive, my phone has 156 Gigabytes of storage.  Right now when I hit “publish”, this will have the ability to travel the globe instantly.  My experiences and viewpoints available to anyone who wishes to read it [and thank you for that!]

There are things that should be kept secret, my social security number, credit info, and personally I would like to keep certain military things quiet.  But people see troops move, see planes leave and can post it on the web for anyone to see.  I don’t feel the need to censor that, because it means potentially censoring everything since we would need to look at everything.  I don’t care if you tell your husband you love him, or your daughter you’re running to the market.  I don’t care about the email you sent with a recipe or just to say hello to someone.

The internet is supposed to bring us closer together, all of us.  Regardless of politics, religion, race, any preference in any other matter.  Right now the barrier is private companies controlling the access and that is where I believe the issue will continue to be a problem.  Comcast upping my bill, sure I can afford it but there are people who can’t.  Someday maybe I’ll see a world where every child does have a laptop and can see the world beyond their village.  That child leaning something that may one day save a person on the other side of the globe.  Adding to the collection of knowledge.

So don’t nominate me for anything, my medical history will have people in arms anyway!  This needs to be an effort made by thousands of people, over the span of the world trying to ensure that every generation that follows has it better than we did.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Internet Order.”


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