Directions, If you Don’t Mind…

Some people believe that each journey starts with the tiniest of steps.  We learn to walk a stumbling path from a young age and hopefully with each time we place one foot in front of the other the stumbles we make are ones that only slightly alter our paths.  Minor course corrections.

Carl Sagan talked about “how on a molecular level we are all the same.” I guess he would agree that our paths might be different in life, intersecting at times that may feel completely random and at other times perfectly aligned with the universe. But that they still have a meaning within each other.  While our daily lives are cloistered and myopic in our views, the things we do now will echo in time moving forward.  For some they will change the way things are done, for others maybe just the way one person looks at an objective.

This might be a good time to make a puff,puff pass joke?  Anyhow, back to that journey we are intersect on!

We can explore space, or the ocean bottom, or the most remote of mountain peaks; but why?  There are the group of people who talk about the adrenaline high they get, or those who talk about just wanting to be the first to accomplish something.  Everyone trying to make their mark in a different way, have their name echo throughout history for a feat.  In essence, be remembered for just being.

Right now I can neither climb a mountain nor can I touch the depths of the ocean.  My mind can see the limitless options available, pictures of skies captured as the sun rises.  Showing a version of the world I have never known, colors I can only imagine.  The cold depths of the ocean floor teaming with life so very different from that which I have read about.  Species of creatures hidden in the darkness, maybe to never be seen by the human eye?

It might be little “Star Trek” of me to conclude that the journey of self-discovery is as important as learning what might be around the next bend in the road.  Pushing the boundaries of what I have known and envisioning a world that is outside of my perspective.  Something different, maybe something better than what I currently find myself surrounded with.  Hope left the building some time ago, but I would like to welcome back a boyish curiosity.

While I’m here trying to understand this stumble, trying to chart a clearer course; I can’t help but wonder what the next plateau might be.  Someone told me how the story is going to end, just not when.  So there are a few chapters that I would like to add, even if they resemble James Patterson novels where the chapter is only three pages.

There may be a time when you see a bald, too skinny, blue eyed guy asking for directions.  That would be me.  And don’t mind the hospital gown, I promise it’s tied in the back!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”


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