Historical Fiction?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”

Many moons ago I used to run a bookstore.  During that time I started to realize the number of people who actually came into the store looking for history books or something that had a factual basis.  Historical Fiction, combining people and places that at one point in time walked this Earth with a dramatic flair makes for some really fun reading.  There is one person in particular who I think captures this style, William Martin.

He takes a period in time, for the purposes of this blog, let’s say Annapolis, MD during the Revolutionary War.  [Okay if you are outside of the country, or British, it might have been taught as The Colonial Uprising!]  In the modern day introducing some letter, or mysterious item, he traces it origins over the course of history.  Some treasure hunter is looking into the provenance of an auction or maybe there was something stolen from an estate.  Much like the Indiana Jones movies, not the Crystal Skull which I have still refuse to see; swash buckling adventure mixed with tenuous historical value.  Why did some mother pass onto her daughter a package telling her to guard it and eventually hand it down to a daughter of her own.  Skipping from generation to generation, our characters can describe their loves, their fears, the reasons they left only to come back.

I’ve read almost all of his works.  There are one or two purely “romance” level books that just haven’t allowed me to get past the first few chapters.  But maybe that’s what my life story needs.  Someone who can look over the course of my life and find a way to expand on some small detail that I have overlooked.  Right now I see things as a Greek Tragedy, but maybe by the time Mr. Martin is done writing he will have found a way to talk about the years of struggling to finish my Dissertation.  Maybe a tale of redemption where things actually do work out in the end?  That would be nice.

There obviously isn’t hundreds of years of material to pull from my life, but how my family has affected it certainly drives my current situations.  So I guess a multi-generational look at how the past colors the future could be a nice spin.


2 thoughts on “Historical Fiction?

  1. What a fascinating writer! That would make for a VERY interesting biography of someone’s life. I just helped clear out my mother-in-law’s house, and we had to throw out tons and tons of mysterious old items that I would have loved stories on. It was so sad.


    • I did that with my grandparent’s place about 8 years ago. The oddest things that we just didn’t know what to do with. I did keep my grandfather’s passports, fascinating collection of places he visited.

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