Ode to Turkey Hill

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “32 Flavors.”

I love the smell of a good hand-churned chocolate ice cream, but this small allergy to cocoa makes eating it an episode of itchy-rash syndrome.  And vanilla, well it’s just plain vanilla!  I’m sure there are good ones, but I want something a little more exotic in my bowl.  Key Lime Pie!  A little crunchy, a bit tart, and the sweet coming from the marshmallow swirl.

And it isn’t just any variety, I’ve tried to replicate it at home.  I always got hung up with the marshmallow portion of the experiment..  There is this regional brand called Turkey Hill in the Mid-Atlantic [I could be wrong, but it took quite some time for it to leave Pennsylvania.  And I’m only in Maryland!]  You can even get it in two styles, the full-fledged fat-enhanced ice cream or for the more health conscience among us, frozen yogurt.  They offer it in limited fashion during the year, mostly the month of May, but you can find it based on supply which I promise is fast selling.  Turkey Hill is even bold enough to place special labels letting you know that it is truly Limited Edition!

I savor every last spoonful of this stuff.  It reminds me of when someone used to hunt different stores to find it for me.  Sometimes going to two or three different grocers just to obtain it.  Hopefully this year when it becomes available I’ll be able to find it for myself.


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