Walk Down the Hall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

“Hi, how are you doing today?”

Pretty simple question, even a polite way of opening a conversation; but there are times when it is completely paralyzing to ask someone.  It gets a little worse when you are in a section of the hospital where the people rotate in and out on a daily basis.  Yesterday I overheard one of the nurses talking about how the woman down the hall hasn’t had any visitors, not a single person has come to see how she is doing.  For a wide variety of reasons being in a section of the building with fellow cancer patients can be isolating and crowded all at the same time.

Some are allowed visitors because they are being treated with methods that are less strenuous, the poisons both man-made or created in a lab to heal.  You sometimes wonder if it is because the doctors have said they need to be isolated or if they are truly alone in the world.  Depending on what stage you may be in, just getting out of bed and walking up and down the hallway can be a daunting task.  I have a fitness device attached to me just to ensure that I am getting up and trying to make the attempt.  Personally they let me in the treadmill and after 15 minutes and a 1/4 mile I’m ready for the showers.  For someone who used to run daily, for miles at a time, that is torture.

It would be easy to walk down the hall.  I could even get someone to put my in a chair and push me there if it were possible.  My issue is that there are times when I forget who I am talking to or what the situation really is, so I tend to spout ideas from work that are best left trapped in my mind.  But I have learned that sometimes people just like to hear another voice, even on the phone; they don’t care if you repeat yourself a million times!

It’s a simple question, maybe today is the day I ask it?  What could go wrong?  Nothing.


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