Twain, Holst, Nephew

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Time Capsule.”

The box is no larger than the ones I purchase shoes in. Sure I have large feet, but to boil down the essence of myself into a manageable collection to be stored for someone to judge who I am and how society views things seems daunting. I have some boxes in the house that store other boxes larger than this project. And of course this is one person’s viewpoint on what they believe to be important.

Looking at all of the electronics surrounding me, the first thing in the box would be a book. An actual paper bound collection of words that someone can hold in their hands, smell the paper, see the words regardless of power requirements! The world is full of wonderful works, but I would add The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It shows where we were as a society and how far we have come, and hopefully will continue to go in the future. Lessons on family, friendship, love and loss, simple themes that are classic, timeless.

My phone is connected to a cloud that stores unlimited music. With the press of a finger, whatever artist comes to mind can be recalled as fast as my connection will allow. A vinyl copy of Gustav Holst’s The Planets, the older the recording the better, needs to be included. It isn’t the oldest piece in history, nor is it the first that comes to mind; but there are plenty of other artists in the 20th Century who pulled inspiration from those notes. As music moved to more electronic presentations, some have recorded the work utilizing synthesizers changing the mood but not the notes. The added bonus being the composer’s use of classic themes, love, war, aging to bring the audience through the stages of life.

How do I pick a piece of art to show someone in the future the people of today? I’m a fan of French Impressionism, but also a fan of the Terra Cotta Warriors from ancient China. Hopefully all of those things are still available to be seen, so let’s go with something more personal. A drawing my nephew made for me recently. It’s nothing people haven’t seen from a 6 year old, but it was how he wanted to see the world. Sometimes we refer to my hospital times as “business trips” so as to not worry him, so I always get some page with “Welcome Home from your Trip” scrawled in crayon and pencil. In goes one of his works!

The last is deeply personal, but hopefully a message for the future. A picture of my daughter. My addition to the future. Maybe there will come a time when illnesses will be eradicated. That some parent, sibling, relative doesn’t have to hear a doctor apologize for a bad outcome. But I also hope we will have found ways to not only fix the physical ills, maybe we finally take care of hungry people, sick people, people who spend their days working themselves to exhaustion only to repeat it the next day.

It isn’t so much about my theory if how life was, but how I hope life can be. A world I think we all want, we just haven’t found a way to make it happen.


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