The Sound of My Own Voice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imitation/Flattery.”

43 years ago there was 2 feet of snow on the ground, the result of a slightly a-typical storm that had blown through Northern Massachusetts. Today as I stare out the window, the forecast is calling for 6 inches and it has shut down the Greater D.C. area. Crippled the Federal Government, shut schools beginning yesterday, and made people rush to their local Warehouse Club to buy 100 rolls of toilet tissue because we all know that storms bring on the runs.

Why do I know the weather from this date years ago? Well I was born at 4:11 a.m. on this date all those years ago. And as I listen to my mother, alternately telling me that a breakfast of tea and an orange is not enough; I try to remind her that the doctors are happy that I willingly eat anything. Later I’ll get to chase the lunchtime grumblings with a very nasty protein shake. 3000 calories packed into 16 ounces so that I can continue to maintain my weight. While the clothes are looser than they were a couple of months ago, we’ve been able to continue the illusion of health.

What do the next couple of months envision, I’m not really looking that far ahead. I saw a trailer for “Mr. Holmes” starring Ian McKellen as the elderly gentleman that I have so enjoyed reading since I was a kid. So in the back of my mind there’s a goal, see the movie. While to some that might seem silly, it’s little things that help move the day forward. It breaks up the efforts I make trying to get work done for a master who understands, yet does not relent. [that would be me!]

So what am I going to wish for when I blow out the candles? Peace for my friends. Safety not just in today’s sloppy weather, but throughout the rest of their lives. If there is some master plan, I’m the one who is paying the price for all right now. A burden I’m not willing to share, and accept without hesitation if it leaves them alone. I’ve written before, I’m not scared. A song lyric keeps playing in my head “At peace with the girl in my dreams.” There’s more to it, but yesterday’s “Daily Prompt” captured it well for me.

The stupid intravenous drugs going into my arm cloud my thoughts at times. They take away my memory at other times, only to return in horrific fashion. My story no different then others, yet a continuation of a club I want to be thrown out of.

As to the prompt for today, it all depends on the mood of many people when I decide whose style I want to emulate. There are funny days, memories pulled from my vast collection shared with readers, and like today melancholy issues of mortality that one might not want to face on their birthday [but imagine the people reading the obit, wondering about the irony of round numbers!]

Answer the question Lary – I just like reading what other’s write. But my voice can only be mine, to be anything else takes away from someone who might enjoy what I write.


4 thoughts on “The Sound of My Own Voice

  1. I heard about NC getting an inch or two of snow years ago, and it shut everything down and there were traffic accidents all over the place. That’s hilarious about stocking up on toilet paper. In New England we stock up on generators and snow rakes and calcium chloride tablets. Of course if we get the runs, we’re screwed so what do we know? :p
    Be well and at peace my friend.


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