World Class A$$! – a Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

Sitting in a hospital bed writing this has a sense of the macabre. The nurse who was checking on things even asked what I was staring at. How exactly does one reply to that question? Oh, some people asked me to write my obituary. Thanks for the drugs! So let’s see how this goes…

Lawrence was born on March 5 in Lowell, MA during a huge snow storm that left 2 feet on the ground. He decided to leave this earth under the same set of circumstances, huge snow in Boston. Surviving members of his family include both parents, a younger brother, a nephew, and a crazy Border Collie! Lawrence was preceded in his death by a daughter who he now gratefully is reunited with in spirit.

Lary was educated at Boston University having received a B.A. in Economics, followed later by degrees from Florida State and George Washington University. His love of music led him to a lifelong obsession with Dream Theater, spending hours at a time trying to replicate the keyboard parts. A collector of books, the shelves contained works by John Greenleif Whittier, every Brad Meltzer book written (some autographed), and a disturbing amount of John Quincy Adams material (a distant relative)!

Known for at times being a world-class ass, he cared deeply for his friends. His wish being that he could have protected them better from life’s harshness. Not a religious man, Lary believed the spirit carried on through the words and memories of others.

In lieu of flowers, it is asked that those interested make a donation to their local food bank. No memorial service will be held. the ashes being spread at Fenway Park. There will be a picnic held at some point in the future where everyone can gather and reminisce about what a jerk he could be, Lary would have loved that!

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