Double-Edged Sword

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

My guess is that they teach the question in some class on dealing with patients, “How do you feel today?”  It’s how my day began and in some ways it will be how the day will end.  I’m polite in my reply “About what you would expect given the situation.”  And then we get down to the reasons for the visit of whichever professional has appeared at my door.

But it’s also a question I need to hear from my friends.  I’m not, the silence hurts almost as much as the disease.  Nothing I can do lessens that pain either.

But when work asks the same question, I’m not sure how to reply.  A caring individual asks, but it is in the performance of their job?  I know I’m trying my best to do things, it just takes longer, so much longer to organize my thoughts.

Can we please find a better question?  I’m tired of worrying about the answer…


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