Can I go Play?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

Starting the day with a cup of tea is the perfect beginning.  There are so many variations on that theme, drink while reading the paper, watching the news, listening to something on NPR or if your lucky enough to have someone to share the bed with, propped up just watching them sleep.  That last one used to be complete and total enjoyment, I get up relatively early on a weekday basis, so it carries over to the weekend.  The blanket pulled up to her chin, hair covering her eyes, the way her nose used to scrunch up when she was fighting staying asleep.  But I digress…

Saturdays used to be the days when I would take my “long run”.  Rather than run 6 miles, I would increase it to 8/9 miles.  As long as the road wasn’t covered in ice and snow, out I went.  There were times when it hurt, sometimes making me a little slow the rest of the day; but I needed the rush.  This morning they will allow me to pace the treadmill at a leisurely 2 miles an hour for maybe 15 minutes, the watchful eyes of the nursing staff hovering.  Funny thing is my body will be sweating just from that effort!

After cleaning up the house for an hour or so, off to the Amish market!  They have a very popular booth that makes pretzel dogs.  Yes, you read that right; a hot dog wrapped up inside of a pretzel stuffed with cheddar cheese.  The line can reach outside the building some days, people waiting 20 minutes just for the privilege.  If I’m there solo, well pondering my feet as we shuffle along is the option.  But if you bring a friend, someone is going to end up in line while someone else heads over to get something from the baked goods selection.

Donuts, Apple Harvest Donuts!  Little round pockets of dough filled with apple pie filling.  Cover them in white icing and sprinkle some crumble on top, you have donut perfection.  You can’t each more than two, really you should only eat one!  And because Saturday’s are cheat days on my normal healthy eating, chase it down with a Coke Zero.  Sitting on the benches outside, or taking it over to the tables overlooking the water feature – absolute calm.

The rest of the day doesn’t matter, spend it with friends, spend it reading, go play in the yard.  Right now each and every one of those activities sound like heaven.  As I look out the hospital window, it is beautiful outside.  I know it’s cold since the news keeps telling me, but I would love to do anything outside.  Anything…

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