Summer Concert Series

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Flavor.”

Every June as the schools let out, the local businesses look for a way to keep people entertained.  Like many locales, they created a series of concerts held at two parks in the county.  Both located right on top of the water, so that even during the 90 degree spells that occur late into August the breezes off of the Chesapeake Bay keep the temperatures down.  They are open to people of all ages, musical tastes and is one of the few family friendly events where children are expected to run a round.

One week it will be some localish Jazz Fusion ensemble and the next the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra.  My personal favorite would be the Kelly Bell Band.  Part of the reason being they combined their own music with intertwined bits from more famous musicians.  Since they also like to play to their audience not just for them, they have become famous for playing the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants while jumping around with kids on stage.  Music is so important to people, this gives all families a chance to spend time enjoying the evening while their children are having fun.

Pack a blanket or a couple of chairs, put your favorite picnic items in a basket and surprisingly alcohol is welcome [if you can behave yourself, some don’t]!  I’ve always brought a chair and found myself sitting along the left side of the audience.  The view has never been important, it’s your typical outdoor concert shell.  Conversing with a loved one, meeting new people, running into friends who had the same idea; the sense of community is very welcoming.

While attending the series at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, MD, make sure to take advantage of the paths meandering throughout the waterfront.  If you have a dog, they are welcome guests.  A separate park for them to run free, only to later return by their “parent’s” side for the music.

So when you are done wandering around the historic parts of Annapolis and find that the lines for some of the restaurants are maybe a little longer than you want, consider picking up some food and heading on over.  I promise that you will enjoy the adventure.


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