Lighthouse Shelter

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”

I grew up watching Sally Struthers on television talking about how you could donate $.10 a day and help feed a child.  There were pictures from Africa filling the screen and even as a child I recognized that the house full of food was not the norm for all.  I later learned my grandmother used to donate to this cause through paperwork we found while cleaning out her house after her passing.  It took some years before I had the chance to make an impact in any way.

I always gave a bag of food whenever the postal service would pick things up to donate to some local shelter.  And when my father’s parents died, in lieu of flowers I requested my family ask that donations be made to the local food bank.  It just seemed like the right thing to do.  Why collect flowers that were going to last a week when you could feed someone for that same period of time?

Last week was the anniversary of my daughter’s passing and the people in my office wanted to do something to “recognize” the significance of that day.  Since the headquarters for my company is several states away, me sometimes just being the voice on the phone; they employed the help of family and a friend to select something that they believed would match my desires.  I was informed earlier than intended by someone who just didn’t think it through, but it didn’t matter.  On a day that I was absolutely dreading, one where I was alternating between crying and just plain numbness, this group of people donated several thousand dollars to a cause they had never heard about.  Some people who only knew me by my work opened up their wallets and gave.  My immediate supervisor’s daughter even got her 8th grade classmates to donate some of their parent’s money.  My employer will even match the donation amount!

They all know that it is going to a good cause, one that will feed families.  It will help clothe people who have fallen on hard times.  People who need services that the local government can’t offer in an efficient manner.   [gives anyone a chance to see what I am referring to, we all have places like this]

We live in a world where we throw out so many things that could serve our fellow man.  Some restaurants and grocery stores do the right thing by ensuring it goes to a local food bank.  I’m a big fan of places that feed children, people, anyone who needs a meal.

[We all look for a fitting way to be a “hero” in the eyes of our kids.  Somewhere I hope she knows she was the hero that day!]


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