Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”

There comes a point where the person looking back at me will only be a reflection of the person I am.  Nature by chance said there was only to be one of me, but science has given me the chance to double that factor.  My life experiences will be a part of that person up until the point where he is created, then our lives would diverge.  Daily routine allowing for free will, they would develop into a different person.  For me it would be like finding out I had a twin, frozen in time, only to one day show up on my doorstep.

I would love to test the theory that two people can be involved in the same activity but get completely different meaning from it.  I could go on a trip somewhere and then he could do the exact same things.  How would he look at it?  Would he agree with the choices I made, the things that would separate our knowledge by fractions.  Was it sunny the day I went, but raining during his turn?  That might change how he walked, the people he ran into, those simple variations altering his perception.

Personally I wouldn’t want the clone to have to experience events from my point of view.  There are things that are hard enough for a single person to deal with let alone creating someone for the sole purpose of having them deal with the unpleasant nature of life.  Another argument for wanting to protect someone.

There is however one thing I would want to push off on my clone to handle.  Staff meetings!  They drag on forever some days and end with very little being accomplished.  Take notes, make some business related decisions and indulge in the free tea and cookies!


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