The Envelope Please…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”

Hand’s down the best thing since sliced bread is the simple invention of recorded music.  That may seem like a very large category, but each generation has been introduced to music in various ways.  For some if was the radio crackling over in the corner playing simple Big Band music or telling a story of some mystical hero fighting crime.  Other’s used to rush to the store, money earned from cutting the lawn or babysitting the neighbor kid in hand, looking to pick up a record of some group called The Beatles they heard everyone talking about.  Today, we just load up the computer and move it between devices so small that they can easily be misplaced among our daily routine.  Some of us have started going back to the vinyl of our youth since it has become so readily available, at least on Amazon!

You can use that sound to bring to anywhere.  memories of some party when you were 13 and kissed a girl for the first time. The song on the radio when your parents gave you the keys to the car for your first “solo” adventure.  That track you danced to at your wedding, a favorite piece you listen to when trying to set a romantic dinner.  Or the song that absolutely brings you to tears from the pain the memory invokes.

There has always been the ability to see music performed live, but now we can relive every moment of a lifetime in the span of how quickly you can advance the track!  Even as I’m writing this in the background is the radio playing just a mixture of eclectic music, culled from someone’s imagination.  It’s mostly Jazz this day, I’m still working on getting back into music with words.  Some are just too painful, still.

That’s my opinion of what the best thing is since sliced bread, but a very close second is something even simpler – the sound of a child’s laughter.


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