Dammit! 2014 again…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Buffalo Nickel.”

I was so hoping for any other year to come up when I pulled the dime from under my desk blotter.  [I keep some change there for walking across the street and getting something to drink at the office!]  2014 is a year that I would like to put on the back-burner.  It started out great, wonderful woman and a child on the way.  It ended with all of that gone.  There was nothing redeeming about the year.  What time wasn’t spent mourning their absence was spent trying to figure out why I had gotten sick again.

Just yesterday I was faced with it being a year since my daughter died and this lovely escapism has me right back in what I tried so hard to deal with.  I had taken some time away from writing because I couldn’t deal with the holidays and trying to be brave about it all.  Maybe the world is trying to send me some type of signal?

Oh, screw it.  If the doctors are in any way correct my time is limited.  Maybe this is the price I get to pay!

Sorry for the downer, but dammit why couldn’t it be any other year?!


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