Whole Lot of Bucket!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

This year has been full of things I never thought i would experience, some good and some unspeakable without me grabbing a shirtsleeve to wipe my eyes.  There are some simple things I don’t want to think about or have the knowledge of how they might have hurt others.  So my anti-bucket list is an easy topic –

1. Giving up – I never want to be the type of person who gives up on someone when they are hurt.  My support for a certain person is unending, even if she doesn’t realize that.

2. Dreamless sleep – Bring back my hopes, my fears.  Dreams are important, both the ones when I’m awake as much as when I’m asleep.

3. My mother’s cry – too often this year I have had to deliver some news that hurt her deeply.  Her granddaughter passing, a woman she loved deeply leaving.  Avoiding that would be nice!

4. That look on my doctor’s face – I’m tired of having someone set some new limit on what I can do.  I want to live life, not just watch it!

5. Feed The Children ads – because society and governments finally figured out that our money should be spent caring for people.  No person should go to bed hungry!

6. Political books –  written by people only seeking to soften their image.  Get it right while you’re in office!  Don’t complain about things later, how you wish things had been.

7. Hospital Beds – they are uncomfortable, too short for someone 6’4″ tall!

Realistically I just don’t want another year like 2014!

This particular song captures my feelings on this year!  Love his voice.


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