Forward then Backwards!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Alphabet Soup.”

Absolute Beauty, Carefree Days.

Emotions Flowering, Grateful.

Heartbeat Intensifies, Joyful Kisses.

Loving Moments, Newfound Options.

Passion Quickened, Reawakened.

Silly Times.

Understated Vixen Whitney.

Xysts, Youthful Zeal…

[Let’s go in Reverse!]

Zones, Yellowed Xylographs.

Whitney Vanishes, Unceasing Turmoil.

Scared, Relentless Quakes.

Phonecalls Outright Neglected.

Mornings Lonely, Kinship Jumbled.


Halfhearted Gait,


Endless Disappointment.




So no one has to go running for their dictionary, which I needed to “X” is a hard one!

Xysts – Gardens with promenades

Xylographs – Wooden pictures


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