Hiding Away From the World

Ready, Set, Done!

Ten minutes, I’m only allowed ten minutes!  Well then I better get to typing…

Five pages of handwritten emotions, long overdue in their presentation making their way to Whitney.  Will she see it?  Will some member of her family take to “opening it accidentally” and editing it’s very presence?  Do I completely trust the postal service to get it there in one piece and in some reasonable amount of time.  The questions are swirling in my head, taking away from my ability to concentrate on anything else.

Hiding away form the world is what got us into this entire mess.  Pretending that if we ignored the chorus of voices, didn’t build that wall around our relationship, everything would be fine.  It can’t be about three people, or four, or ten making choices in anyone relationship, it always needed to be about the two of us.  And during those times, it really did work.  Bring in the families, and it all went to hell!

The lyrics of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” keep ringing in the background “Tear Down the Wall, Tear Down the Wall”!  What I wouldn’t do right now to somehow blast that wall that currently keeps us apart.  It sounds selfish, but I really do miss her help, her words and thoughts on everything.

Oh well, my time is up.  I could keep going on about this.  But then I will just miss her more.


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