Why Did I Write That?!!!

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Details, it’s all about the details.  Sometimes the words capture what I’m trying to express and other times I think I have confused the people who have generously been reading my postings.  Sometimes those moments of pain or happiness, I can create a picture so that others can begin to relate; other times I should use an editor or at the very least walk away for ten minutes before hitting the “Publish” button.  In my real job I’m an economist.  Lots of numbers, plenty of places for things to fall through the cracks.  Missing a detail means the difference between something working or falling apart in a spectacular fashion.  You can’t always put it all out there.  By trying to construct the perfect picture, getting wrapped up in the details; I possibly taking away from “the reader” their ability to insert some of their memories.  Everyone’s experiences shape how me look at everything.  Some of the best books I have read contain plenty of pieces, but don’t overwhelm in the details [books on Game Theory aside!].

Maybe this Daily Post came at the right time.  A chance for me to reflect on what it is I want people to get out of the stories I share, the memories, painful or pleasant that my words are trying to evoke.  Some comments have made me cry knowing I’ve hit the spot, other times I wonder if I did the right thing.

Just like life, a series of choices that can affect a number of people in both positive and negative ways.  But then that’s the point, right?


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