The Wheels on the Car Go Round and Round!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Make It Anywhere.”

First off, as a guy from Boston we don’t really have great emotional attachment to that song!

The destination was simple, go buy new tires for her car.  Four pieces of rubber mounted to steel, spinning in circles.  There are plenty of options, but not as many choices.  Off we go!  Money was tight so it was trying to figure out the best set that would give the best protection, and for the best deal.  There’s a place I favor due to their customer service.  Buy 3, get the 4th free!  And it applied to the tires we needed, perfect.  The only issue, still a little more money than was sitting in the account.

Fortunately Whitney’s mother had offered to pay half the freight, extremely generous.  Even if it does make you feel like a kid needing help from your parents.  But there was something wrong with the card she gave.  Some panic sets in as we are at the bank trying to make the numbers work.  They were already doing the work, might be a little too late to change things.  Hey aren’t they running a deal on getting their Credit Card, we could pay it off slowly for the next couple of months without fees!  Not sure that she wanted to open herself up to more money concerns, we talked about it.  And talked about it.  Talked a little more, but as we walked back into the garage Whitney strode with confidence that she was doing the right thing.  She had found the solution to her issue without needing any real help.  Maybe a little push to let her know she could do this, that she was strong enough to take on this simple responsibility without the family’s assistance.  I was so proud because we were doing things as a couple.  A little bit of normal in our lives, that had been so tough this year to that point.

Driving back to my house, I had this sense of fun, a sense of accomplishment since we had made it through the day.  For once we had gotten through the simple tasks without drama, together.  Later we talked about it being a “Good Day”, and it was.

I miss that in my days now, Whitney and those simple tasks.  We made it that day because we talked, worked together, reached our simple goal.  I miss those talks,


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