Can We Get A Re-Write?

Cue the Violins

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

I’m sitting in my house right now listening to everything surrounding me…

The dog is pacing on the wooden floors trying to get another treat from me.  Not happening Wooglin!!!  In the distance I can hear one of the neighbors having their yard blown clear of leaves.  The tapping of the keys on my laptop as I write this.  Otherwise there is nothing.  Silence.  Some might relish that, but let’s try how I would want this in an alternate universe.

The room is filled with the giggling of a six month old little girl.  Trying to put her toes near her face, maybe covered in the remains of the breakfast I was diligently trying to get in her mouth.  One of those infernal children’s toys that plays the same tune over and over again having its button slapped.  Her mother racing around the house trying to figure out where the car keys are so that she can finally get herself to work.  Our dog anxiously hopping up and down trying to get outside since while she loves the action, the noise is too much for her old ears.  Coffee mugs hitting the counter; hers with actual coffee, mine filled with tea.  In the background is Elliot in the Morning [local talk radio here in Washington D.C.] playing through the stereo, the look of concern on Whitney’s face because she jokes that our daughter’s first words are going to be something Not Quite Polite!  [the irony being there is a long standing bet about getting her to utter even the most basic of curse words!]  The phones buzzing with grandparents calling to check in, see if they can come over and “help”.  Although I think it is more about just spending time with our little addition.  More noise coming from the laundry room, the never ending pile of children’s clothing being tackled.  All the noises of a life I crave.

Either way we are looking at an atmospheric album, just one side is much more enjoyable than the other.


One thought on “Can We Get A Re-Write?

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