Back to a Future!

Sparkling or Still

Having just spent some quality time laying about a hospital bed with very little to do, I think I’d like to write about how I would spend the perfect day off – living.

There are so many little things that I would fill my day with.  The easy part is how it would start, rolling out of bed, throwing on a pair of slippers and heading down to the kitchen to grab a cup of tea.  My robe wrapped around me, down the driveway we go in search of where the paper might have been delivered this morning.  Sometimes right in front of me, other times hiding in the ditch.  I like starting my day off with the comics section, too many horrible things happen during the days it’s nice to just laugh a little.  Simple cartoons would also have to be the course of my morning – Pinky and the Brain to be exact.  Nothing says calm like watching a series of shorts about mice trying to take over the world!


I could easily lose myself for hours in this or it could be the motivator to move along to the next thing…

My puppy is getting up there in age and sometimes needs to be coaxed into doing things.  12 1/2 years old and has the mindset of a 2 year old, trapped in a slowly aging body.  We’d grab the leash and make our half attempt at getting around the neighborhood.  Too many times she only gets down a few blocks before just wearing out, but she sniffs everything, watches anyone, sees the world like it’s new every day.  I envy that kind of excitement.

By now we’re nearing lunchtime and if it were the right day [Thursday or Friday], I’d head off to the Amish Market to pick up 2 donuts.  One Harvest Apple Crisp, the other some form of fritter; both excellent.  Chase it down with a Chai Tea Latte, please no foam!  And wander around the Barnes and Noble that is across the street, making a list of books I want to read.  And boy is there quite a list lately.  Political thrillers, Biographies, books on Anxiety, books on loss…

That stop alone would be at least an hour, and then home to watch a concert on the television.  Dream Theater’s Breaking the Fourth Wall, a gift from some anonymous source two weeks ago.  Sitting there listening to music that I know so well I could hum along with most of the individual instruments.  The subwoofer bumping along, my dog having long since crawled behind the couch to lessen the blow to her ears.  Every moment a reminder of concerts, people, places I have traveled to see them; good memories.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for a time when I could have an excuse for making Apple Pie Bars.  I saw the recipe posted somewhere lately, so I take no credit for having this original thought; but this would be the time to try them.  I’m obsessed with two fruits and attempt to incorporate them in way too many things.  Apples and Cranberries!  They can obviously be mixed, but sometimes are just as good on their own.


Having finished that project, my dinner would consist of a good salad and Maryland Crab Cakes.  There’s a place not too far away that makes them about as large as a softball!  Two of them, a baked potato and some other side for about $25.  Easily leaving one for lunch the next day, these really are huge!

images (2)

The last of my day would be spent curled up of the couch.  Possibly reading one of those books I had been hunting, most likely in some electronic form sitting on my iPad.  [There are already a couple of hundred books stored there, some read and just not archived, others awaiting their turn.]  If it’s cold,enough, with this afghan my mother made me years ago.  Four feet longer than I stand [6 foot 4 inches!], enough to wrap two people in!  Music playing in the background, nothing too busy, just some noise to comfort me.  The dog resting between me and the table with yet another cup of tea, green this time with just a little lemon and sugar.

As I crawl into bed, a full day of life having been lived; I look at the picture of my daughter.  Knowing that a day like this would have been great to share with her.  Her mother would have loved it to.

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