Destructive Politics – Ready, Set, Done!

Ready, Set, Done!

I’m so glad that the political ads have stopped! The endless barrage of people saying they know better than their opponent. Constant reminders of something they wrote in college about a topic they barely understood that now they have to explain for the impending news cycle. It has always been this way, decades, centuries of politicians crying about how they will do better than the last person, only to be just as ineffective as the last.

On the television I watched a commentator rip apart public policy just because it was in opposition to the leanings of their editorial board. People were being harmed by this policy in some way or another. The result pushing through an agenda that few understood and even fewer took the time to learn about. All so that someone could eventually point the finger [or give someone the finger]!

The history of people running for office usually ends with small victories followed by years of trying to assure the population as a whole of their good intentions. Running for office the minute you have just finished the last election cycle. The monies being spent increasing on an exponential scale. Billions every few years wasted in the name of obtaining an office that pays a fraction of what was spent to get there.

At some point, not only will our political system crumble under the weight of individuals who are now elected for life in some cases, but also as a result of no one actually doing anything. Pointing the finger across the aisle, saying they are at fault, we only want to help you. They might mean it, they may even believe they are having the best of intentions; but in the end we find ourselves grasping with issues so complex that letting a select group decide them for us, only adds to our collective unhappiness with the resulting choices.

Find a way to feed the population, not just aid to other countries, but the people starving in your backyard. Stop trying to spend every dollar you get your hands on and start paying back those we owe. Stop thinking about your political party and start thinking about the people who elected you. Most of all remember, there is always someone smarter than you, always more knows something you don’t [even if you are an expert].

What that new system is, I have no idea. But we need to start helping each other rather than our own parochial interests! The world is a big place, let’s try to leave it in better shape then when we entered it!