Wall of Flame

Let It Be
Daily Prompt

I see the emails from them from time to time.  Miss out on some of the Friday nights I would go there.  Rarely do you find a place that has a Wall of Flame covered in hot sauce you can just walk up and pick for your food.  But the entire reason I would go there is no longer available and it’s substitute a pale comparison to the original.

For years this salad was on the menu, it was the reason I would go to this particular restaurant.  But one day it was just gone.  The result of some marketing guru saying that people would prefer other choices and possibly the slow sales of this particular item.  The Nacho Chili Bowl was the perfect combination of traditional salad and a little bit of Turkey Chili mixed in.  There was just the right amount of lettuce, jalapeno, strips of tortilla crispy fried to give it some crunch.  A layer of cheese just above the chili and to top it all off, some fresh guacamole and sour cream.  [Most of the time I lost out on the sour cream because Whitney loved extra!  Why we never just ordered more was beyond me, maybe the game we played, maybe just didn’t think about it until after the food was ready.]

One day I was craving this, I mean truly wanting this only to find it gone.  They assured me they could make it since all of the ingredients were in the kitchen, they just needed a little assistance.  I walked one of them through the ingredients list just to double check and was quite happy with the results.  I then learned I was one of two people who ordered that salad and that was one of the reasons it went away.  As long as they had the parts they could always whip one up for me.

But as time went on and new staff was brought in over the years, they always had to be walked through the process.  Sometimes the food was wonderful and other times it made me skip out if I had a craving.  I didn’t change what I was eating, I just didn’t go there anymore.  The love affair was slowly dying.  Eventually I stopped going there altogether because the end result just wasn’t right.  The staff was always polite, always energetic, and most of all always willing to make their best attempt.  It just wasn’t the same.


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