Oh, Pooh Bear!!!

Literate for a Day

You’ve been my constant companion for 42 plus years.  Traveled the country from one side to the other and never once complained about the accommodations or cramped modes of transportation.  You have always listened when I talked, always offered words of support [even if only in my mind], and relished in my embrace when I have been down.

We’re both starting to show the effects of our time on this planet.  Your face is not the same as it once was.  But behind those worn eyes and slowly tattering sweater you have made me life meaningful, given it direction when sometimes I falter.  Shared stories of your adventures in the Hundred Acres Woods.  Surrounded me with books and movies, pictures and memories of the times we shared and the future we can look forward to as we both grow older.

I know you missed out on sharing your life with my little girl.  She would have loved you as I do.  Taken you on even better adventures, shown you a life different from the one I shared with you.

Thank you for being there when I got out of the hospital, not only long ago, but recently.  Holding you gave me solace in a time when no other could.  I cherish the friendship we have.  Thank you for loving me the way I have loved you all of my life!


3 thoughts on “Oh, Pooh Bear!!!

  1. this is really sweet. i have an old stuffed animal that’s been with me for most of my life. you can’t tell what it is anymore, some kind of cat i think, but it’s still kickin’. the tale and head have fallen off more times then i can remember as evidenced by the sewing thread stitches that somewhat resemble dr. frankenstein’s handiwork. i think it’s stuffed just as much with memories as feathers and foam now.


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