Time Capsule – In Words, Sounds, & Pictures

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Buyers, Beware?

To the Buyer of this Item:

If this has somehow managed to make it a century past my Dell warranty you are in for a treat. There is a variety of items stored within that will hopefully help you recall the stories you heard as a child from your grandparents about the way they used to communicate, store their memories, collect music and movies. Let me help you garner what might be entertaining to you and let’s skip past the Windows 8.1 folder, or Office 2013 Pro, or the assortment of programs that I’ve used throughout my day to keep work moving along.

In the Music folder you’re going to experience a cacophony of aural delight. My tastes range from musicals like Rent or Wicked to an overwhelming assortment of bootlegs from a band known as Dream Theater. Buried deep you’ll be enticed by the live recording they made in Philadelphia on March 28th, 2006. This recording holds special meaning for me. Just as the song Tears in Heaven reminds me of a girl I knew as a child. I know it’s gigabits of material and hopefully time will allow you to further explore what has taken me almost 30 years to cultivate. Lovingly ripped from Cd’s, downloaded from iTunes [hopefully you know what that is], or copied from friends both near and far.

The documents folder should be entered with a caveat, there are pages of work product in there that some company might not want you freely looking through.  By now any privilege that survives with those electronic paths has long since expired.  I did my best to protect the data, but I’m sure by now technology allows you to peek.  Please know that while the work stuff looks like the product of frustration, it was me making choices that sometimes I couldn’t explain.  Sometimes people mattered more, and at other times the business had to survive in order to help those same people.  The personal documents are however an enter at your own risk scenario.  They are a pitfall of emotions ranging from love to anger, fear and disappointment, anguish few understand.  Love letters written but never read.  Apologies for things I can’t undo.  Notes to friends telling them how much I appreciate them, their friendship.  Maybe I’ll have done something remarkable later in my life and these will be collectors items.  Or maybe hubris hopes that I am more than a footnote in someone’s history.

My pictures folder is where the real treasure of my life exists.  Pictures downloaded over the years that make me smile.  The cartoons showing someone making overly tenuous connections in puns [Go find yourself a copy of Pearls before Swine on whatever device you use to search with!].  There are pictures of small children, kids who I love as if they were my own.  My brother’s son and my ex’s nephew and nieces.  There is a remote possibility they are still around, maybe you can look them up for better context.  Then there are the pictures in that folder where time stands still.  Those would be my daughter, her sonograms to be exact.  Stills of a life I wish everyone could have met, but that just couldn’t happen.  Her mother is the brunette hiding herself in half of them, afraid to let the world see the beauty inside that I saw every day.  There are also pictures of my parents who made names for themselves in their respective fields, I’m very proud to have been their son.

You’ll find some games as well Age of Empires, some random card games, a pirated copy of Halo because I couldn’t stomach paying for a second copy of a game I already owned.  The little used South Park game someone gave me for my last birthday.

Take care of these things, I don’t now how you came upon them but they are items I kept for some reason.  Maybe they will help you make better choices for you and yours than I did.  Cherish them, like I did.

Hopefully I’ll be more than the collection of electrons and magnetic material that stores my life to this point, November 3, 2014.


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