Abiding Pain

I’m sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring.

A kind voice to tell me my life has meaning.

Someone whose worried about me letting my know

That I have value, that I matter or no.

I’m lost, caught up in a dream

My thoughts pulling my apart at the seam

A path  once so clear, cast in shadow

My life so meaningless, feeling so hollow.

Agony, despair, confusion and shame

Only hearing that I’m all to blame.

For a life so promising trapped in a void,

She had no choice but to leave me destroyed.

I withered and died since that fateful last night,

Someone please help me, I’m drowning from my plight.

I saw another posting written so eloquently about pain, it made me feel something.  A kindred spirit who longed for some peace of her own.  In my head I continue to see my meltdown, trying to write about it when possible.  Hoping that it stems the tide before it washes me overboard.  It hasn’t been working.  So I will continue to document my emotions here in this lovely arena, see where it leads me.


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