I am the God of Hellfire…

Daily Prompt
Custom Zodiac

Okay, maybe a little dramatic in titling this; but I was thinking that people under my sign would be best represented by fire.  Not just a little flame, a bonfire lighting up the night.  Equal parts life affirming and completely destructive.

Fire allows us to prepare our food, to manufacture tools to help us; in that way fire is a nurturing creature of sorts.  We grow strength by its glow, find warmth in its embrace and when under control fire keeps us safe from harm.  Provides a beacon for others seeking shelter.  A loving and gentle person.

When left unattended, it grows angry and spreads.  It lashes out.  There is little anyone can do to control fire, only appease it until it has finished its path of destruction.  And just when you think it has been extinguished, you find it popping up somewhere you might not have been looking.

Sounds a little dark, but lately it has been a life lived on two separate planes.  One where I get through the day, head down and just doing the best I can.  The other times a whirling inferno not knowing where my emotions are going to lead me.  So those people who are best described as human would best fit in my zodiac symbol.


4 thoughts on “I am the God of Hellfire…

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