Mask Off – Harvey Dent/ Two Face

Masks Off

There is a serene quality to being able to decide if something is just right or if it may be wrong.  You have no little room for ambiguity, no room for true doubt, no room for even admitting you might be wrong.  Harvey Dent is the guy i would go with if I were choosing my mask for Halloween.  That’s how life has been lately.

You flip and coin, heads or tails, right of wrong, turn left or right; simple!  The beginning of this character was simple, he was trying to do the correct thing for the city of Gotham.  He thought that is he stuck to a higher moral code, no one would be able to assail him for his choices.  Only after he was attacked for standing up to what he thought to be the wrong idea, wrong person, wrong path; he was scarred in such a manner as to being out both the moral person and the immoral beast.  Acting out because he believed in absolutes, even in places where there were obvious choices.  Places he could have gone that would have allowed for compromise, healing, a sense of self and well-being.

Yes, it might be an oversimplified version of a cartoon/comic book character, but each of these themes is something people recognize in life on a daily basis.  We try to teach child how to chose the proper moral path, instill a sense of ethics in how we deal with others.  The world is a multitude of shades of grey, yet this guy only sees two paths.  It gets him caught in situations where he shouldn’t be.  Eventually lands him in trouble for his perceived notions of morality.

This is the guy who I feel like.  Some days I wake up and have a clear path about how I need to proceed.  Other days I find that I am at the whim of the emotional turmoil surrounding my life and could be headed in any direction.  It may seem like there are multiple options in that last part, but it is really about feeling in control or feeling completely out of control.  Lately I want to follow my heart and try to reach out to someone, try to find some common ground.  Other days I remind myself that the other person has to pick up the phone, return an email; things that just aren’t going to happen.

A little Jekyll and Hyde rolling around, the battle of depression sometimes winning and at other times my hard headed heart wants to take me back to a safer time.  A safer place where my world had some meaning, a purpose.


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